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STOPit – the brand new liquid soap. How to protect both the people we care about and ourselves? How to keep in touch with our loved ones without putting them in risk?


How to act responsibly every day while navigating this new reality our society is adjusting to? 


A small act.
A big impact.

If each of us takes the handwashing seriously, we will be contributing to stop any sort of virus that's out there, and to remind ourselves how a small personal behaviour can have a positive impact in our community.​

Let's stop living surrounded by bacteria and viruses. Let's just stop worrying about them.
We can start living a healthier life right now,
and sticking to it, every day. For us, and for those around us.





20 seconds with us,
many hours of peace of mind.

When it comes to hand washing, the gold standard involves scrubbing your hands thoroughly with soap and clean water for at least 20 seconds. That time allows soap to form lather that contains pin-like surfactant molecules with two ends. ​

One is a hydrophilic one that likes to interact with water. The other end is a hydrophobic one that avoids water but readily interacts with other similar biological materials, such as oils, fats — and the makeup of the outer membrane of coronaviruses.

Using the power of nature is the most sustainable way to fight germs and viruses on a daily basis. Not only for
your skin — but for our planet and environment as well. 

100% local product. STOPit has been developed, designed and produced in Germany. This was important to always ensure the highest quality standards.

Dermatologically tested: with the pleasant foam created during the hand washing, you can not only clean perfectly dirty skin, but also care at the same time, because the formula contains moisturising ingredients.


Selected Alpenkräuter with a fresh, unique and strong note define the special fragrance of STOPit.

Studies from all over the world prove that liquid soap washes away bacteria as well as other viruses that are even tougher than coronaviruses, performing better than hand sanitizer. 

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